Thoughts on Osteen

31 08 2012

For anyone who truly knows me, you will know that I have some major issues with the methods that some televangelists present the Gospel. In my last appointment, there were several seniors in my congregation who quite often tuned in to one particular preacher – Joel Osteen. So because of this reality I decided to watch him on a couple of occasions to see what the hype was all about. Immediately there were several “Red Flags” about his presentations.

After I moved to Ontario, I all but forgot about Osteen as his name didn’t come up very often in my Church. However, an interview with media mogul Oprah Winfrey had Joel Osteen back on the tongues of many people I was encountering, and I found myself engaging in many conversation about his style of “Gospel” speak. Again, the conversation has died down a fair bit, but yesterday I came across a great article that I want to share through this forum, it basically sums up my thoughts on Osteen’s ministry:

Read it HERE at The White Horse Inn

Click on the link, Give it some thought, and if you want, respond with your thoughts on a “cotton-candy” style ministry.


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